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Rajrappa, One of the best picnic place in jharkhand.

Collected by Prem Murmu

Rajrappa is best picnic destination for local people, people of jharkhand and nearest states of jharkhand. It has beautiful hills,jungles rivers and waterfall.So this new year you can plan for picnic party in Rajrappa. Here we can guide you to make you new year celebration beautiful.

Picnic in Rajrappa

Rajrappa, is an ultimate destination for nature lovers and river side party(like picnic) friendly enthusiasts.

 It is blessed with unparalleled beauties like hills, forests, rivers and waterfall, this naturally rich place makes for a perfect picnic destination for this year, especially for people who looks for a rendezvous with nature.

The abundant natural beauty of Jharkhand along with its several attractions such as holy rajrappa temples, boating in river, and Shallow rivers, together contribute towards Rajrappa tourism. 

If you are planning for river side picnic or picnic in natural places of hills,jungle and river, then Rajrappa is the best place for picnic party.

Picnic Guide in Rajrappa:

Picnic party be like enjoying your day or new year celebration, so we provide some service to you to make your party more enjoyable and easy.

Because to plan for picnic and to carry all those things , sometime it not is a easy or its like heavy or complex. You can get rid of those burdens, and choose to take those things at on demand in Rajrappa.

For that you can contact us for everything you need for picnic or new year party celebration in Rajrappa.

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Kindly give us one day before coming to Rajrappa for better arrangement.

Book Us for below service:

1.Boating in river:

If you book, then you get on demand boating experience in river with special discount price.

2.Cook or Helper:

If you need some one cook or helper to cook your food deliceous for party.

3.Camera men:

Photography is best part of any party to capture the moment. So you can book for a day or for some times like 1 hour or onwords. Call us on above no.

4.All goods of Picnic:

We can arrange your all picnic goods for you in rajrappa as per your on demand.

5.DJ and Sound:

Party with DJ&Sounds is always a best part of party, If you need, Kindly tells us 1 day before coming to Rajrappa.

6.Prepaid Foods:

If you do want to cook something on picnic , you can just give us order for it. We will our best to provide your demanded food for your picnic party.

7.Drinking water Supply:

You can contact us for drinking water bottle on demand at time in rajrappa.



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